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Four Seconds for Your Financing 

In today’s volatile real estate market, let technology and creativity you get the best loan….fast! 

You found your dream home and now you need the mortgage money, and of course you want the best rates possible. According to Spencer McMullen, owner and Mortgage Consultant of Quality Mortgage's new offices at 1900 State St., “Our clients appreciate our very fast, high tech approach, that saves time and money to get them the best mortgage rates.” McMullen’s approach to his business is efficiency, tied to constant research, with an emphasis on the comfort level of the client offering them creative packages based on a full range of lending options.

Loan approvals can be obtained via their automated underwriting systems within a matter of minutes.  These approvals differ from regular loan approvals as they are not only faster but they tend to require less documentation.  Many times all that is required is a pay stub and one month's bank statement for documentation of income and assets.  Many loans under 90% loan to value do not need a full appraisal done on the property.  This saves time and money for the homeowner.  The automated underwriting systems also break the rules and are not as rigid as manual underwriting has been.  The risk based system will allow people to be financed as little as 2 years from the filing of a bankruptcy where manual underwriting makes people wait 4 years.  The benefits do not stop there.  Loans can now be applied for on Monday and close on Friday.  "People have better things to do with their lives than be tied up in some loan process for weeks or months."  Says McMullen. 

“We are the only group that can get current rates to our consultants in just 4 seconds, via a high speed communication system that sends them a text message with updates and they can immediately access our integrated network system to react on the new information. With the fast paced rate change momentum, we are on top of it constantly.” Says McMullen. The entire cooperative team of 10 loan officers, a complete administrative support group, utilizes the extensive on premises Real Estate Law library. McMullen also assists clients in overall financial management believing that the incredibly fast and east loan is only a part of their financial well-being as a home owner. 

McMullen feels that Santa Barbara is a haven for the self-employed and understands the financial difficulties of loan qualification. “We really believe in a win, win situation for everyone involved in a loan transaction. The best rates, the best service and the best outcome are why we have many repeat self employed “buyers” throughout California.” 

Refinancing is an option for many home owners and businesses, but time is of the essence. “You can’t sit back and wait to see what will happen with the rates. You need to be proactive and get the loan financed quickly, if you want to take advantage of a volatile loan market. Let us do the research, get you qualified and be ready to go quickly.” says McMullen. 

For all of us looking for the best options in loan activities, Spencer McMullen and his Quality Mortgage business in their new, sharp, high tech offices certainly keep their customers satisfied and continue the best advertising ever, positive word of mouth. Quality Mortgage is your full service financial support center in a low pressure atmosphere of complete honesty and sound financial reason and the latest rates….in just four seconds. 

Spencer McMullen is available for quotes, appearances (personal, media), interviews, and articles. Contact Spencer McMullen 805-563-3300 office

Spencer R. McMullen

Spencer has been active in the real estate finance industry for the past twelve years. He was a top producer very early in his career. His penchant for detail and his consistent work ethic made him an excellent management candidate. Soon thereafter, Spencer proved to have exceptional skills in overseeing mortgage company operations in a way that closed loans faster and more efficiently. 

Spencer has an impeccable reputation which has continued to spread as both a top producer and as a manager. His referral network has become extensive, allowing him to complete transactions in nearly every county throughout Northern and Southern California. He currently has agents throughout California and Mexico. Their combined experience exceeds 100 years in the industry. 

Spencer's high standards for ethics, technology and hard work have had a significant impact for him since 1992. Each year Spencer has gained market share directly from consumers and from real estate agents. Since 1995, referral business has become the dominant portion of the firm's business, while all aspects of new business continues to grow. Spencer currently expands his abilities through extensive continuing education in the subjects of banking, computer technology, taxation, and various legal issues which impact the mortgage industry.

Spencer lives in Santa Barbara with his two children. Spencer enjoys snowboarding, skeet shooting, antique and coin collecting, scuba diving (He is a PADI Divemaster and has training in Advanced Nitrox,  Rebreather and Free diving), mountain biking and off-roading. Spencer also holds a California Real Estate Broker license and is a Notary Public.

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