Low Rates
No Application Fees
No Closing Costs

We want you to know about one of the best home equity lines of credit anywhere. Just compare it to those of other lenders.

Have the best of both worlds with a Fixed Rate Lock Option!

You may fix any portion of the used line of of credit up to 5 times for periods of up to 30 years. You will still be able to access any unused remaining credit line balance and as you pay down the fixed portion, it wil be added to available credit.

Tax deductable.

You can deduct the interest on your home equity line the same way you deduct your mortage interest.* That means the effective rate you pay after taxes is even lower. For example, the introductory rate of 7.00% APR will actually be 4.45% APR. So you can expand your family room, make tuirtion payments or buy a car - and get a tax deduction at the same time.

Lower monthly payments

For the first 10 years of your home equity line, you can make low, interest-only payments. So you consolidate balances you owe on credit cards and other loans...your monthly payment could be lower. And you pay interest only on the amount you've used - not the total amount of your line.

Easier to apply. Faster processing.

Its easy to apply - just contact us and we can complete an application in just 20 minutes. Your time is valuable so you'll receive a credit decision on your completed application in a short time, in most cases.** A local appraisal will follow and your closing will take place locally within a few weeks.

LINES $150,000 - $500,000
LINES $60,000 - $149,000
LINES $25,000 - $59,999
No income verification available
up to $200,000 with excelence credit!

*Generally, interest on home equity lines of credit is tax deductible for aggregate lines up to $100,000 regardless of the use of the proceeds. Amounts over $100,000 may not be tax deductibe unless the proceeds of the line are used to buy, build, or substantially improve the home. Consult your tax advisor regarding your specific situation. After-tax examples assume 36% tax bracket.

**Loan approval period begins only after receipt of all application pages fully completed and required documentation.

Final approval is subject to an acceptable property appraisal. You must carry property insurance. Stated rates are as of 1/17/06. APRs may vary and adjust monthly based on changes in the highest Prime Rate as published in The Wall Street Journal, with an 18% maximum lifetime APR. Interest-only payments are offered during the first 10 years of your line, with principal and interest paments required in the subsequent 20-year repayment period. You may make advances on your line during the first 10 years. There is a $20 annual fee to maintain your line. This fee is waived for the first year of your line. Fixed rate lock option fee of $50.00 applies if amount locked in is under $25,000. The proceeds of your line may not be used for investment purposes. Account features, services and associated rates, fees, and charges may differ among geographic regions. Home equity lines are available for ower-occupied 1-4 family primary residences, condominiums and single family non owner occupied properties in California. Real Estate Broker - California Department of Real Estate. License #01327728 for information call (916)227-0931.